Pull to Refresh

This allows users to reload the App with a simple gesture with a finger by sliding it down.

Send Push Notifications

You will be able to send unlimited push notifications to your users whenever you want from a panel you will later see. We also have an API for systematically sending.

Downloads and Uploads

We provide you the option to download and upload on the App

Automatic Updates

Changes made on your Wordpress site will instantaneously be seen into your Native IOS/Android App.

Supports all databases and WooCommerce

Your App will be able to read and understand every database: MySql, Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, DB2, SAP HANA.

App sharing + App linking

Linked to other applications and a share option too.

Video recording and camera permission

Your App comes with the camera permission integrated and also Audio and Video recording.

Supports Geolocation and HTML5 Video/Audio

Awesome support for web applications, HTML games and high-end web applications.

Users can rate your App

A message will pop giving users the opportunity to rate your App. With the option to never show the message again.

Adaptive, Responsive & Efficient

Works on every screen: tablets, phones and computers.

More Features

Synchronized content

Your App will simultaneously get updated when you update your Website.

Expand your business

You will be able to expand your audience by offering them the chance to get the App.

Security guaranteed

Your App won't experience any bug or problem in the future.

Google Login

Your Wordpress App supports Google login.

Facebook login

Your Wordpress App supports Facebook login.

Splash Screen

While opening App the icon of your App will appear.

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