WordPress to app is a service that turns your website into a native mobile app that works for iOS & Android and it will be delivered to your inbox in less than a day. WordPress to app is formed by a team of 8 people that came together to turn website to apps as much as they can.
We need your website URL, App Name and Logo that you will submit here.
It will take us less than a day to finish your app and send it to your inbox.
Your application will be as your website on mobile phones without the browser search interface.
You can check our examples here or just download one of our apps here: Play Store and App Store.
Don't worry about that buddy. Every change you make on the website automatically reflects on the app.
No, you only have to pay once to turn one website to an app.

1 Android application = $ 79.

1 iOS application = $ 79.

Both package = $ 119.

We do provide Push Notifications for iOS and Android and you will send them using OneSignal.com (They won't charge you anything and you will be able to send unlimited Push Notifications).
We will be deliver your application to you via email (to your inbox) in less than a day (24 hours).
You will be able to publish the apps to the stores by yourself. Once you receive your application, you can publish it without any problem. We will also support you with video tutorials explaining step by step how to publish them.
You can reach out by email in case you need something. Or contact us on chat (bottom right button), We would love to hear your questions.

Do you have more questions? Click here and mail us.

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